Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Worried about our futre?

Parents, time to panic about our kids' education

It seems like not a day goes by anymore that I don't hear one person or another wanting change from our country. We want more jobs, more money, less debt, more action, more stability. We want someone to tell us everything will be just fine. Well I am here to say it can be but WE need to do something about it. My cousin who is in education posted the above article to The Facebook and it just got my wheels turning on this slow Tuesday morning. If you don't want to read the article that's fine, the main point I pulled from it is that we are all worried where the country is going but no one is looking at our less then impressive education system and whats coming out of it. The way I see it with all these people out of work I would think parents would have more time to help their children at home. I think too many parents take a back seat roll in their children's education. That's what school is for. Right? NO! We don't want the government to tell us if we can/should have kids that we cant support but we want them to be responsible for feeding them, paying their medical bills, and educating them. How would we feel if Obama stood on capital hill and repeated what I just said? The whole damn country would be wanting to kick his ass out of the white house but its absolutely true. I think we as Americans need to take a step back and realize that we are acting like a bunch of kids. We want our cake and we want to eat it too. We need to take the wheel when it comes to our children's future because they will be the ones deciding/providing ours. We continue to let our children's education fall by the wayside because we are too focused on fighting about medicare and social security. This is of course how I feel if you don't like it there is a little red X in the corner just click it!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Making a baby...

So have you ever known someone who thinks they have the most beautiful child ever? Yes! Of course you have all good parents think there own child is exceptionally beautiful. I personally think its because they love them so much. I know I think my daughter is exceptionally beautiful. All this being said I do have a problem with people who shove their kids down your throat. They wave them around in front of your face, the ask you to vote for them for every cute baby contest in the world, they give you pictures that you feel obligated to keep and hang on your fridge, they expect to ooo and ahhh of what an amazing thing you did making this little person. Well from this day on I am done. I don't generally like others peoples kids unless I find them extraordinary in some way. Some are more cute, some are smarter, I do have more of an attachment of they are a close friends or family members but I am not the person who loves all kids. Please, please do not expect me to tell you over and over how cute your kid is, if you have to ask it probably isn't. Sorry! It may be later in life. It may have a great personality. But I really just don't care about your kid. I don't expect you to care about mine either. I have had many strangers tell me how beautiful my own daughter is and how she should model yada yada but she isn't nice, she does what she wants and sometimes that is great and peachy and other times it includes a scowl and pissy attitude. I know who my kid is and I am proud of every little thing she does but I don't need a stranger to tell me how awesome she is, I KNOW! So I guess what I am saying is if you want someone to marvel at the fact that you made a baby I probably am not the best person to be around... :)