Thursday, January 27, 2011


About once every three months I swear I am smelling poop everywhere. I smell poop on my dog. My house smells like poop. My arm smells like poop. My sweater smells like poop. My husbands chair smells like poop. My darling husband assures me that it is all in my head however I can't help but fear that poop is following me. Poop is right around the corner taunting my nose with it's putrid smell. Usually It starts out at home and then follows me everywhere I go. Am I the poop smell? Have a eaten something that makes ME smell like poop? Is there something out there that makes our pores emit the smell of poop. I don't know! I have been walking around with a bottle of febreeze spraying everything that smells like poop to me. (including the dog ) Would someone tell me if I smelled like poop? I want to say yes but then again they wouldn't want to hurt my feelings and how do you nicely tell someone they smell like poop? I am scared I don't want to smell like poop. HELP!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Small space sanctum.

Happy Monday blog world! I was reading an article about the late Brittany Murphy, the article was saying how her master bathroom was her sanctuary. She would go in bathroom and spend hours just hanging out, reading magazines, fiddling with new products, listening to music and such. It was her personal get away. I feel like I need a small space sanctuary in my little house! Just a small space that is all my own that I can hide from responsibilities and not think about doing the dishes or if Bay has to pee pee with no one looking over my shoulder just my own little space. I wonder if I could create a little nook in my attic? Just crawl up there and spend some time all by myself. Don't get me wrong I love my family I love to spend time with them they are my number one priority but it is nice to also take care of yourself. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Movie friends!!

I am so excited because I finally have a good movie friend! I have been serching for someone to share my love of good movies with. The good movies that you have to question and still leave you questioning. I have always loved movies that leave you are open to interpretation (true I like it when people intrepret it the same way I do) but I love the questioning. There are so few really good movies that truley leave you questioning what happens next? What happened in the movie? What did I just see? It takes and exceptional movie to really make you wonder to create that possiblity for you. Inception was the movie that started all this and like inception a good movie will just make a suggestion and leave you thinking of all the possibilties. If anyone else out there is a movie lover and wants to chat about really good movies you know where to find me :) I am also open to new suggestions!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taking the plunge!

How do you know if someone is "into you?" Is it because they do nice things? Do they find little ways to be with you a little longer? Do they immediately try to touch you in someway? I feel like we are all so scared to make the first move when it comes to getting into a new relationship; each doing this little dance waiting and hoping for the other person to make the first move. Who should make the first move to kiss, who should introduce them to their friends/family first, who says I Love You first. So many people are scared to to be rejected to be made to look like a fool and I know that at least for women they are scared to be labeled "psycho" or "crazy" because they put themselves out there. Yes some women are crazy hell all women are a little crazy but that's just part of our DNA. I wonder if it has always been this hard. Did people in the 1800's worry about who loved who first? I am so happy I am done with the dance but it still interests me to watch it and see how things work out for those I care about.