Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Worried about our futre?

Parents, time to panic about our kids' education

It seems like not a day goes by anymore that I don't hear one person or another wanting change from our country. We want more jobs, more money, less debt, more action, more stability. We want someone to tell us everything will be just fine. Well I am here to say it can be but WE need to do something about it. My cousin who is in education posted the above article to The Facebook and it just got my wheels turning on this slow Tuesday morning. If you don't want to read the article that's fine, the main point I pulled from it is that we are all worried where the country is going but no one is looking at our less then impressive education system and whats coming out of it. The way I see it with all these people out of work I would think parents would have more time to help their children at home. I think too many parents take a back seat roll in their children's education. That's what school is for. Right? NO! We don't want the government to tell us if we can/should have kids that we cant support but we want them to be responsible for feeding them, paying their medical bills, and educating them. How would we feel if Obama stood on capital hill and repeated what I just said? The whole damn country would be wanting to kick his ass out of the white house but its absolutely true. I think we as Americans need to take a step back and realize that we are acting like a bunch of kids. We want our cake and we want to eat it too. We need to take the wheel when it comes to our children's future because they will be the ones deciding/providing ours. We continue to let our children's education fall by the wayside because we are too focused on fighting about medicare and social security. This is of course how I feel if you don't like it there is a little red X in the corner just click it!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Making a baby...

So have you ever known someone who thinks they have the most beautiful child ever? Yes! Of course you have all good parents think there own child is exceptionally beautiful. I personally think its because they love them so much. I know I think my daughter is exceptionally beautiful. All this being said I do have a problem with people who shove their kids down your throat. They wave them around in front of your face, the ask you to vote for them for every cute baby contest in the world, they give you pictures that you feel obligated to keep and hang on your fridge, they expect to ooo and ahhh of what an amazing thing you did making this little person. Well from this day on I am done. I don't generally like others peoples kids unless I find them extraordinary in some way. Some are more cute, some are smarter, I do have more of an attachment of they are a close friends or family members but I am not the person who loves all kids. Please, please do not expect me to tell you over and over how cute your kid is, if you have to ask it probably isn't. Sorry! It may be later in life. It may have a great personality. But I really just don't care about your kid. I don't expect you to care about mine either. I have had many strangers tell me how beautiful my own daughter is and how she should model yada yada but she isn't nice, she does what she wants and sometimes that is great and peachy and other times it includes a scowl and pissy attitude. I know who my kid is and I am proud of every little thing she does but I don't need a stranger to tell me how awesome she is, I KNOW! So I guess what I am saying is if you want someone to marvel at the fact that you made a baby I probably am not the best person to be around... :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Open lines of communication

How is it that no matter what I get in some sort of argument with Mr. Pia over one of us swearing that the other told us something that was never said. We talk all the time, we talk about almost everything that goes on in our daily lives even if the other doesn't really understand the work lingo the other is using yet for things that drive us up the wall like scheduling conflicts who is suppose to do what household chore or get milk from the store all is lost. We usually don't stay mad at each other for very long but I swear we need a stenographer in our house to mediate yes Mrs. Pia you did in fact tell Mr. Pia that at 7:15 pm while he watched TV and ignored you. Why is it that once you in a long term relationship with someone little things that they do just make you crazy? I love Mr. Pia, but really does he have to put the pots and pans in the sink even though he never does the dishes and I always ask him not to? I am sure I do things to make him crazy also but surely he does more things. What to do?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Media Whores!

Happy Tuesday! I am feeling the need to see if I am crazy or if the world is crazy so I am hoping you all might be able to help. I do not understand for the life of me all this news coverage of horrific crimes that are committed. Why is it that as soon as one major trail is done another starts playing on the TV. Don't people have a enough struggles and problems in their lives that they really need to watch this depressing shit all day? These are disgusting things that good people are inviting into their homes and are fascinated with. I can understand reading a mystery novel, I can get watching a horror movie, what I don't understand is taking a real life persons pain and suffering and going through it detail by detail trying listening to disgusting facts of disgusting deeds and being captivated by it. If I was forced to watch this I would be physically ill. Listening to this day in and day out eats away at a persons humanity and just like one television show about 8 kids is going to make crazy people go out and try to have 18 kids to get on TV watching this shit is going to get to crazy people and more sick things are going to keep happening. I know that we must learn from our past mistakes and know what happens in the world around us but do really need each and every little dirty detail? Cant we just accept that sometimes sick people do horrible things to very innocent people, trust they they are made to account for those actions and not dwell on the sick perverseness of it all? I would really like to know your take on this, let me know if you think we as a society are sharing too much...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


First let me start off by apologizing for not posting in so long I have had some great plans that were then eaten by the baby brain and thus gone forever! So without further delay let talk. How do feel about the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Is that really true? Something that is beautiful is always beautiful right? I could look at my daughter and always see the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen, even when she hasn't had a bath in a few days and wont let me brush her hair. Does everyone see what I see though? Are my eyes trained to see what my heart tells me? Lets take family and kids out of it. When I look at a Jackson Pollock painting I feel moved inside it amazes me that something so beautiful can be on a canvas in front of me. Some people don't understand his work though they simply see a mess on a canvas. So whats your take is beauty universal? Who says what is wonderful? Is it all subjective?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Buying as in like to buy...

Happy Tuesday bloggers I had a revelation last weekend I really wish I was working in the field for which I went to school. I went to school in Chicago, IL for Fashion Merchandising and I feel like the people who are out there doing my job have completely lost touch with who is buying the product. I know very well the first rule is you cannot buy for the store what you like personally. I know not everyone has my same taste but there is just nothing cute or appealing out there for kids and if there is the cut and proportions are completely out of wack. Tee-shirts are short and wide. Pants are either way too long and thin or too short and wide. It's as if people are saying there are only short fat kids or tall anorexics. Are there no normal sized clothing options? Not to mention I don't want my child to look like a clown or a skank. Call me fussy I know but I just don't. Make fashionable clothes for kids that are age appropriate. Coochie cutter shorts on a child still in diapers is not nice looking at all. What you end up with is a saggy diaper hanging out the side like a pair of balls. Who would want that for their child? Not me! So I have composed a list for buyers out there on what not to buy!
1. Anthing that is wider then it is long
2. Shorts that do not cover at least a diaper when a child is sitting which their legs open.
3. Shirts that look like they may belong to a clown.
4. Shirts that look like they may belong to a 60 year old woman.
5. Clothes that are a walking billboard. This one is personal, I don't want this for me either.
6. Triangle top bikini's for anyone under 13.
7. Heels for children. REALLY?
8. Make-up for toddlers.
9. Small print floral patters they are just not cute they ALL look old lady.
10. Finally pants with ruffles at the foot of them I know this is odd but it annoys me and it looks cheap.

Cooking mmmmmmmmm How I love Thee!

I love to cook I really like to bake. I am not great at either but I love the possibility of what I could do. My father is a really good cook, no patience at all but he just knows the right things to put together to make something taste amazing. I find new recipe web pages that just show these amazing pictures and all I want to do is go into a cooking frenzy and make everything I see! The problem then becomes the cost I would love to experiment and make all this cool stuff (or at least attempt to) but who has the money to spend? Not this lady! I want to make cakes and casseroles and amazing goodness. So here is my idea I will make it of someone buys it. I think I am going to put pictures of recipes that I want to try on my facebook and see what family members or friends want to try and if they bring me the stuff I will make it for us to try together. Kinda the you buy I  fly method of cooking. What do you think people does this sound fair?

Sunday, April 17, 2011


As many of you know I hate the holidays. Actually I love the holidays I just hate splitting them. As I have explained before I love all of my family and seeing them I just hate that I only have so much time with any of them. How do people do this? How do they make a schedule and keep it? How does everyone elses families then fall in line with that plan? I don't know obviously but I am open to suggestions because I need to find a way to make my holidays enjoyable and not turn my stomach into a ball of knots. I was considering taking the number of family members that will be visiting and multiplying that by 20 minutes each or I could do family groups each get 45 minutes. I just don't know what is fair. Then when I have to break it down into timed amounts it just doesn't feel personal and my family is very personal and they deserve more then a set amount of time. So where does that leave me?  I don't know but I sure wish I could figure something out......

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Other People's Kids

I DON'T LIKE OTHER PEOPLE'S KIDS! I know I am not suppose to say it out loud. I know that kids will be kids and some are more high maintenance then others. I know that my own daughter is a brat sometimes. All this being said I just cant stand them. They make my skin crawl I want to yell at them all to sit down and behave like people not animals. I know in my heart its not even their fault its probably their parents fault but why is it okay to say I don't like the parents if I cant also say I don't like the kids. They are manipulative, they whine, they get into things that they KNOW they shouldnt but they do it anyway. The scary part is kids love me. I dont know if its because they want to try to win me over or if they are pretending to like me to further agrivate me. Shouldn't they have some sort of internal sensor that says stay away DANGER DANGER this mean lady may break at any second and shake me to death. Is there something wrong with me? Do I have an emotional disorder that keeps me from seeing the cute cuddly side of children? I just dont know. I am open to suggestions but until then beware to all parents I cant be the only child hating parent out there!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


About once every three months I swear I am smelling poop everywhere. I smell poop on my dog. My house smells like poop. My arm smells like poop. My sweater smells like poop. My husbands chair smells like poop. My darling husband assures me that it is all in my head however I can't help but fear that poop is following me. Poop is right around the corner taunting my nose with it's putrid smell. Usually It starts out at home and then follows me everywhere I go. Am I the poop smell? Have a eaten something that makes ME smell like poop? Is there something out there that makes our pores emit the smell of poop. I don't know! I have been walking around with a bottle of febreeze spraying everything that smells like poop to me. (including the dog ) Would someone tell me if I smelled like poop? I want to say yes but then again they wouldn't want to hurt my feelings and how do you nicely tell someone they smell like poop? I am scared I don't want to smell like poop. HELP!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Small space sanctum.

Happy Monday blog world! I was reading an article about the late Brittany Murphy, the article was saying how her master bathroom was her sanctuary. She would go in bathroom and spend hours just hanging out, reading magazines, fiddling with new products, listening to music and such. It was her personal get away. I feel like I need a small space sanctuary in my little house! Just a small space that is all my own that I can hide from responsibilities and not think about doing the dishes or if Bay has to pee pee with no one looking over my shoulder just my own little space. I wonder if I could create a little nook in my attic? Just crawl up there and spend some time all by myself. Don't get me wrong I love my family I love to spend time with them they are my number one priority but it is nice to also take care of yourself. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Movie friends!!

I am so excited because I finally have a good movie friend! I have been serching for someone to share my love of good movies with. The good movies that you have to question and still leave you questioning. I have always loved movies that leave you are open to interpretation (true I like it when people intrepret it the same way I do) but I love the questioning. There are so few really good movies that truley leave you questioning what happens next? What happened in the movie? What did I just see? It takes and exceptional movie to really make you wonder to create that possiblity for you. Inception was the movie that started all this and like inception a good movie will just make a suggestion and leave you thinking of all the possibilties. If anyone else out there is a movie lover and wants to chat about really good movies you know where to find me :) I am also open to new suggestions!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taking the plunge!

How do you know if someone is "into you?" Is it because they do nice things? Do they find little ways to be with you a little longer? Do they immediately try to touch you in someway? I feel like we are all so scared to make the first move when it comes to getting into a new relationship; each doing this little dance waiting and hoping for the other person to make the first move. Who should make the first move to kiss, who should introduce them to their friends/family first, who says I Love You first. So many people are scared to to be rejected to be made to look like a fool and I know that at least for women they are scared to be labeled "psycho" or "crazy" because they put themselves out there. Yes some women are crazy hell all women are a little crazy but that's just part of our DNA. I wonder if it has always been this hard. Did people in the 1800's worry about who loved who first? I am so happy I am done with the dance but it still interests me to watch it and see how things work out for those I care about.