Thursday, July 29, 2010

I want my birthday!!

HELLO BLOGGERS! Sorry I have been absent for a few days I just haven’t had the itch to blog about anything fun lately. Today though it occurred to me that my birthday is 5 days away!! I am excited as much as i try not to be excited (because what almost 30 year old still gets excited for their birthday) I do! I love having birthday cake with my family, I love the surprise of opening presents, I love the whole day being about me. I know that sounds horrible but I am a kid at heart what can I say. I think nowadays so many people just feel like their birthday is just another day nothing special to celebrate, but that is not the case! People around you should join together to rejoice that you are in their lives and we should all do the same for those we love! As we get older all "celebrations" seem to loose the excitement but with my birthday approaching so fast I wanted to tell everyone not to let these moments pass, act like a kid, tear the paper off your gift, blow out your candles and CELEBRATE that you are here!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Dear world I have a confession... I try to be good I try not to "hate" but I do with a deep burning passion hate people who try to micro-manage me. So here is my hate mail to all the micro-managers out there. :)
Dear Micro-Manager,
I am a 28 year old woman who is usually pretty quick at catching on and I am not afraid to ask you for help so if I need it I will come to you. Please do not tell me 15 ways you would have done something differently to achieve the same result. I do not care. Please do not stand over me watching what I am doing in a disapproving way dying to jump in and ask me to do it different way. If you want to do it then say so and I will either concede or simply say no and do it myself. Some people say this is team work, however teams give on each side and are there for the whole thing not to just come in and ask you to do it their way and then leave. Please trust that I am not a fucking moron that is going to totally butcher everything that touch, especially things that I have been doing for a long time with much success. I will admit Micro-Manager that I sometimes have a odd way about going about things but differences are what make the world go round. Please DO NOT feel free to continue this un-welcome behavior I got it covered!
Yours Truly

Monday, July 26, 2010


Hello bloggers this weekend is my wedding shower and we are having a sit down lunch at a restaurant and I am so excited. However this does raise the RSVP problem. Do you assume that people who do not RSVP are not coming? Do you call and text people to see if they are coming? (This seems rude to me personally) Do you just guess who you think will be there and hope you guess right? I have no clue. I don’t know the correct etiquette when it comes to showers and wedding, I have never been married before. They should make a book of what to do when you get married what is allowed what is proper and every woman over 18 should have to read it. Even if you never plan on getting married then you also understand why it is so important to RSVP and what these crazy brides are going through. When I was younger I never understood why I needed to RSVP, I would just say if I am not working I will be there. If someone told me that now I would want to bitch slap them. How young and naive I was. I truly just didn’t understand the big deal until I had to plan something myself and deal with all this! So word to the naive out there RSVP-ing is very very important!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ways to be a better person

As many of you know I am not a very good person but I am trying to better myself so I found an article that gives a simple set of 10 rules to be a better person.
1. Say please and thank you
2. Be courteous
3. Be courteous
4. Work with others
5. Smile
6. Say I'm sorry
7. Be honest
8. Listen
9. Be Complimentry
10. Laugh
These all seem pretty simple but if we all followed these as much as possible the world would be so much better. I mean how hard is it to say thank you or smile and it just makes yours and others days so much better. Its the same principle as "paying it forward." You do have to be open to it though you cannot just coast through life not noticing the small things people do. I suggest trying these small things for a week and see how much better you feel. I will post in a week and let you all know how its working for me!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Holiday Acres.. Heaven on earth!

This week I am blogging from northern Wisconsin. It is amazing up here and it makes me wonder why everywhere isnt like this. Dont get me wrong I appreciate the hustle and bustle of city life but for me this would be heaven and I would vacation in the city. Life is a little slower and its just beautiful here. There is just a differant feel here. People are not at all pretentious, you get the feeling that no one locks the doors, people leave thier clothes hanging up outside on the line just trusting no one would take them. Not to mention there are trees and wildlife all around, last night while driving by wonderful daughter around at 3:30am because she woke up I saw deer, a skunk, a fox and these are all normal things. One year we were lucky enough to see bears there is a different balance. I hope that in 20 years when we come up here with Baylee still she will appreaciate the way of life here and that it will still be the same here. So to those out there who come across this blog and have never experianced the northwoods and thier beauty next time yo plan a trip come on up to Holiday Acres and see what you have been missing!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wedding Colors

As many of you know I am planning the most amazing wedding that will ever take place. JK. But any who I feel the need to express my hatred for certain wedding colors. These are those colors that you see take over high school proms, pageants, or little girls clothing. A wedding is a celebration but it should also be done with at least some class and elegance. These are on the list on unacceptable colors according to PIA: Hot Pink, Turquoise, Lime Green, all Black, or Orange. If you start to think of using any of these colors please stop and reconsider. Do you really want to be the trashy bride who makes her bridesmaids look like they should be in a prom catalogue? If they are the ones who are pushing this color tell them they can use it for their wedding because you are not trashy and they should already know this. These are the words I have to say heed them!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The sensitive man... Is this what we really want?

Hello blog world I have been wondering about something. We all see these sensitive men the "Adian's" I call them. Sweet and loving and they have feelings and want to hold your hand and run their fingers through your hair and tell you how beautiful you are. But is this really what we want women? Do you want a man who takes longer to get ready then you and wants to tell you how HE feels when you come home late? I sure as hell don’t! I want a man that will take out the garbage, mow the grass, all while keeping his feeling to himself. I don’t mean to be unkind and maybe its because of the way that I was raised but I have enough of my own feelings to wade through in this life I don’t want to have to deal with yours too. I don’t want to hear you cry about the small fight we got in. Apologize like a man in a sincere way and it will go much further then crying like a baby because that I will just walk away from and really be annoyed on the inside that you cried. When being a man you should always remember that you have balls and act accordingly so here are some rules to guide you:
1. No crying unless your child or direct family member dies. (Or maybe you DOG)
2. Garbage is your job no matter what.
3. Grass care and knowledge is yours… don't ask me to touch it.
4. If wife or girlfriend is scared of bugs you kill them or relocate if you are with me.
5. You must know how to drive a stick.
6. You are not allowed to be scared of snakes or creepy things like that.
7. You should have strong knowledge or automotive workings.
These are just a few basics I reserve the right to add at anytime. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

The end is the end.. lets keep it that way!

Two in one day I know but the beauty next to me inspired this one. I am a firm believer that once a relationship is over it is done no being friends, no keeping in contact, it is done. I know this is unrealistic if kids are involved between the two people but other then that cut that cord when it ends. I have long told friends that you do not stay in touch with family or friends of the dreaded ex. I do not care how close you are or how long you two have been together how much you love his mom they are now dead to you. Yes it hurts yes it is hard but it is the end of that chapter and you cannot expect yourself to move forward if you are still holding on to the past. When you stay in touch you keep the lines of communication open and I’m my experience that is never a good sign. What do doctors always say on TV don’t worry it was a clean break.. thats what a relationship is a break and if you cant trust me the take your favorite TV doctors advise and let it be a clean one!

Fun minus the drama PLEASE!

Sorry it has been so long I had the stomach flu and it was very unkind to me. I did have a fantastic weekend though with of course a little drama. Brandon and I went to the sox game Saturday!! (Of course we won!) However we hit a little speed of drama at the end of the night and I just do not see why this is not avoidable. I understand that when people drink they are more likely to misunderstand things and also more likely to say something that they normally wouldn’t say all this I accept. What really makes me crazy though is when other people feel the need to but into a couples or two friend’s disagreement and use this time to voice their heart felt concerns about said relationship. Really? This is the best time to tell someone you don’t like their significant other? I don't think so, do what any sane person would do and look the other way and sip your drink. It is none of your business unless someone say hey Pia what do you think of this situation I keep my onions to myself (or blog) end of story. This happening on Saturday made a small argument into a huge one and it was totally unnecessary. So for the love of everything holy if someone isn’t getting hit or verbally abused just stay the fuck out of it no one asked for your opinion so keep out of it.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Wedding planner wanted!

Position Wanted:
Wedding planner

Ideal candidate will have planned at least 2 weddings before that went off without a hitch. Must have pictures and references of said events available for me to review.

Pay Scale:
I am willing to pay a whopping $20 to planner for time and effort!

Job Description:
Must take care of all things that I do not want to do myself and anticipate these things before I even know it must be done so I do not have to stress about it. You must always have everything done early and in a complete manner. I will also need you to set up the little things in the dining room before the wedding begins.

If you are interested in applying for this amazing opportunity please post resume to my blog! Thanks bunches ~Pia