Tuesday, August 31, 2010

For the love of chicken

So Brandon is all about me making him chicken however he gets very bored with me making the same dishes all the time. This leaves us at a catch 22 because I only have time to make things that are quick because I am at work till 7:15 and he wants things that take a long time to make. Whats a girl to do? I tried looking for some good crock pot recipes but many of them require a lot of preparation before the meat even gets to the pot and to me that defeats the whole purpose. So what does this girl do I call my pa pa because he makes this amazing stewed chicken that just falls right off the bone and absorbs all this amazing flavor it is amazing!! (Almost makes me want to give up being a vegetarian) I am hoping I can load all the ingredients up in a crock pot and make the deliciousness for Brandon. Now my pa pa usually served this over polenta because he is a traditional Italian but I am thinking I may do something a little different like egg noodles or even rice. So I am asking you bloggers for any additional ideas you may have to spice up chicken in a fast easy way!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Controlling your kids..

Can I just begin by saying that if you have a child who is over 8 and you have to yell at them to stay with you and not get into trouble then you have probably done something wrong. I am not saying that all children always behave properly but there are those repeated offenders. There just needs to be some point where you are able to go out to the store or a restaurant without them terrorizing the whole place and being completely destructive. Tell your kids no and reinforce it. You cannot just say no and then ignore what they are doing. Yes, YOU don’t have to clean up the mess but do you really want to be that person and everyone to not want to be around your kids? I know I personally love when people tell me how well behaved my daughter is being. Is she always like this? No. But when she isn’t we handle it immediately so we don’t create a disturbance or be rude. So please for the love of everything holy control your child and understand that it is not cute for them to trash things that don’t belong to them or you!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Katy Perry.. This is how I feel

So Katy Perry... I have to say I just don't get the mass appeal. I just don’t think she has any talent other then saying what she thinks people want to hear in her poorly performed song. Plus I have a deep hatred of people who fill parts of their songs with lalalalals because they cant think of lyrics to go fill in the chorus. I feel like Katy Perry is the stereotypical popular high school girl.

1. She is pretty; she has a good body and a decent rack.

2. She alludes to being bi-sexual which I fear is just a ploy to make men interested in. (Typical HS move!)

3. She is in highly public relationships back to back.

4. She makes statements about other people who are popular to try and draw attention back to herself.

I just don’t get it. I will admit her songs do occasionally get stuck in my head but so does the Dora the explorer song, hell anything that repeats itself. I just don’t understand the appeal of that type of person, maybe I am getting to old, maybe its because I was never in a "click" in high school and often steered away from the "popular" people. I just don’t like the ultra manipulative ways of people with really strong personalities I guess. So to those who LOVE LOVE LOVE Katy Perry I say listen to some real music. If you need suggestions let me know.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I am in love....

So I am in deep and undying lover.... with a pair of shoes. They are magnificent and I would marry them if I could but I don’t think that is legal so I just plan on getting married in them. That is logical right? Here are the amazing little devils that have stolen my heart.

They are all sparkles and shimmers and even better I can wear them again and again and again and again. Hell I may wear them everyday until they fall apart or I die. I mean really how could any living person not be 100% head over heels in love with these? I want them. I need them. I must have them. Some may say that they are a bit over the top but if they knew me they would know they are perfect, so now all to do is order them and find a way to convince myself not to wear them before October. I mean really is there anything in the world that these shoes would not go with that I would actually wear? Nope. Will I be able to wear them out to dinner or out to a show? Yep! Sold I will be buying these bad bitches very very soon!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When are you a grown up?

Happy Tuesday bloggers, I have been thinking a lot about reasons people are the way they are lately. This is what I have come up with that some people never truly grow up. They never take responsibility for their actions, they never own up to mistakes that they made, they always and forever remain children. This realization came hand in hand with the realization that these are also the people who blame their childhood for the way that their life has turned out. I do not understand how the fact that your mommy held you too much relates to the fact that you can't pay your bills on time. Why does society allow these children in adult bodies to continue using upbringing as an excuse to justify poor behavior? In my opinion there has to be some point where you say yes I have been through some shit in my past but I am better then that and I am not going to let that define me. So to all those people out there feeling sorry for people who had a bad childhood I have a question for you, would you feel sorry for me if I told you that I should be rich because I had a winning lottery ticket 10 years ago and that’s why I spend more then I make and never have any money? I'm just saying...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Showered in love!

Happy Monday bloggers! Yesterday afternoon I was showered in love at my wedding shower. The group was small but it was all love when me, my family and a few close friends gathered for lunch and punch. I received some really amazing gifts and was really touched how generous my loved ones can be. We were so luck to receive everything we needed and a lot of stuff that we just wanted. :) I started thinking how did the bridal shower tradition begin? It seems so logical that it should have always been but their is always a story and I thought I would share one with you that I found and thought was cute. It begins with a woman from a wealthy family falling in love with a poor man. Her father disapproved so he refused to give them her dowry so they could not afford to buy the thing they needed. So his family and friends all gave some small things to help the couple get started. I love stories with happy endings and that was certainly one! Hope everyone enjoys their week!