Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Groceries... I am confused

So my love almost always leaves the grocery shopping to me. Which is totally fine because I actually like doing it. However he often tells me not to buy a bunch of "crap" food such as chips and random junk food but when I don't he complains that there is nothing "easy" in the house to eat. He will eat fruit if I buy it but not as snack food only to pack for lunches and it often spoils before it all gets eaten. So I wonder what is something snacks-ish that I can but that he will actually want to snack on? The man sometimes is like a hoover almost every time he walks into his moms he instantly walks to the kitchen and grabs a handful of chips and a little debbie brownie. How can I keep food in the house that he wants to eat but will not inhale within 2 days of me going grocery shopping. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

TV Cooking

Happy Monday AOP followers! I have a confession, I sometimes think I am an expert baker/cooker. I am not though, I try I get these ideas in my head that I CAN make that perfect cake in the magazine or really make a great Italian dinner just like Giada does. But alas I cannot usually. Something just doesn't work out like its suppose to. For example I decided it would be a great idea to try to make cake pops. I bought a book, I ready the troubleshooting, I gathered most of the necessary supplies. (I could not find lollipop sticks at Walmart so I made cake balls) So I get home and begin the process of making cake balls. These sound easy enough; bake a cake, crumble it up, mix with frosting, roll into balls and cover with candy coating. All goes well until I get to the candy coating. Its suppose to be simple its just suppose to be a dip and roll and smooth perfect cake coating. Well what I got was think hard to manage bumpy candy coating. While the mmm mmm good taste was there but the perfect flawless little pumpkin that I was trying to make just was not. I will be trying again just I need some tints how to thin my candy coating because I think that was my main problem.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I think it's happening... I'm turning into a BRIDEZILLA

HELP!!!! I need help I don't know how to stop the monster it's taking over me and I need to know how to stop the transformation and reverse the damage that has been done. What is a girl to do when a monster takes over her body? Should I go see a doctor? "Hi I need to see the doctor as soon as possible I monster has taken over my soul, yes I can hold." Or a priest? "Hello father, can you schedule  me in for an exorcism sometimes on Saturday between 10 and 2 I have a wedding at 6 that I have to get ready for?" Are these acceptable phone calls to make? Would they then hang up and call the loony bin to come get me? Does the loony bin pick up? Is it wrong that I find it a welcome incarceration. Sit in a white room alone to relax. I would miss Bay and Brandon though and my family but maybe just a couple days a week instead of going to work I could go to the loony bin sit alone in a room and just relax. So please to anyone out there who is a high strung natural nut case please tell me how to not freak out on unsuspecting bystanders?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Pia Show....

So to quote Kanye "I forgot better shit then you ever thought of.." Sometimes I feel like that. I know this will probably sound so bad but I have such a mean thought process sometimes and I really have to watch what I say when I  am with certain people. However this weekend I had the chance to hang out with my very sweet friend Sam, while with I can usually say whatever I want when I am with her because she knows I don't mean things in a hurtful way I just call them like I see them. To this she exclaims excitedly you need your own TV show. How would my TV show go? Would I just go out and meet people and then report back to the camera on how I really felt. Or would I have people come to me with relatives or friends to tell them what assholes they are being because they are too scared to tell them themselves? I have a feeling a lot of people really wouldn't like me. But then again I don't really care. (This is the result of have a very great, fantastic, & amazing group of friends) My mom use to tell me that I could cut steel with my tongue, maybe that could somehow be worked into the title of new hit show. I wonder what network my show would broadcast on? Would you watch it?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hello bloggers I hope everyone had a great Labor Day! I absolutely did! We got Baylee's swing set put up and by we I mean Brandon, went to the zoo, and watched a few DVD's. Today's blog however is about disappointment and how much I hate it! I can usually protect myself from disappointment from others because I don't put trust in people that don't deserve it. That being said I cannot protect those that I love from being disappointed because it is up to them who the trust and put faith in. It drives me up the wall when I feel like someone has not put my family or friends in the proper priority level. I think the problem is that I expect from others what I would do or give. I know that's bad and I shouldn't feel that way but I do. Its not me that I expect it for I think that would be selfish but for those that I love I just want the best! Is that asking too much?