Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Choosing the Right Man

Ladies do you have a friend who is with the wrong man? I am sure you do, we ALL do! (Or at least have at some point) What's wrong with him? Does he cheat? Is he condescending? Does he not LOVE her the way she deserves to be loved? Okay, okay your friend is not perfect either but he is a lot less perfect right? Here is my advise for them, would they want their daughters to be with someone who treats them like that? This is a really hard question for those of you who are not moms yet... You cant possibly know the depth of love you will feel and how you will want to protect them. But try to imagine your sister, friend, niece in a relationship that isn't right for them. Do you want to be the example of what to do or what not to do? I totally LOVE Mr Pia if my daughter grew up and married someone just like him I would know that she was a very lucky woman. Is he perfect, NO! Does he make me CRAZY? Yes! Are there times when I just want to beat him in his sleep? Sure. But we are married and we love each other and the things that he does wrong consist of working too hard, being OCD with home repairs, and not doing the dishes. All things that I most certainly can live with, I guess! So ask yourself this are you living by the same advise that you would give another? Would you tell someone you love to stay?

Monday, April 30, 2012

The burger that started it all!

So here it is...Mr. Pia keeps nagging me that I make the same stuff all the time and wants me to try new stuff. So I found this recipe for a buffalo chicken burger. I got all the stuff for it including making home-made buffalo sauce, blue cheese cumbles, bacon and good buns. I made it for him (even tosted his danm buns) and made him a plate and brought it to him in the living room. I put extra sauce on it because I know he likes things extra saucey and I was waiting for him to try it so I could see how it was (ok I was a little proud and wanted him to say it was the best sandwich ever) and before he even tasted it he gets up and goes in the kitchen to get the bottle of ranch( there was already ranch on the sandwhich).
I got so pissed, I yelled at him "will you just try the fucking sandwich before you drown any flavor that it had out in ranch?"
He responded "whats you fucking problem, I like extra sauce to dip in"
I said "whats the point in me trying to make you new stuff when you cant even taste the difference because you drown everything in either ranch or a ketchup/mustard mix?"
So he didnt like my reaction and I am still pissed about it, it even killed our evening sex plans.... Am I being a crazy bitch? I am opening to hearing all points of views!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Huston we have a problem!

Here it goes every mothers worse nightmare... my son has a drinking problem! There I said it, its out and maybe now I can get some help for him and me. My darling boy hits "the bottle hard!" At least 8 times a day and when he stops its still not enough for him. His eyes will be glazed over and his head rolling from side to side and you can tell he has had his fill but if offered he will still take more! Sometimes he drinks till he is literally sick, I cannot tell you how many times he has thrown up on me. Is this my fault have I failed him as a mother? Should I try to go cold turkey and take "the bottle" away? Should I stand up and say enough is enough? I wonder if we should have an intervention I don't know that it would help. What is a mother to do....
Here he is and you can see for yourself the results of his drinking problem

Monday, April 23, 2012

Phone Etiquette

In these days of very little phone etiquette I would like to instill some rules that I would like everyone to follow, at least if your on the phone with me. :) 
1. Don't call anyone before 10 AM unless it is an emergency! (As my mom would say who is bleeding?)
2. Don't call me then ask me to hang on, that is just completely redick! Call me if you have something to   say and are ready to spit it out!
3. It is unnecessary to leave a message just saying you called. I have a cell phone I already know you called and now I have to listen to a message to tell me you called, its redundant.
4. If you call and I don't get to the phone in time and I call you back 10 seconds later you better answer the phone I know you are by it and its working just fine. That shit aggravates the hell out of me.
5. If you hear my kids acting like heathens in the background be considerate enough to cut to the fucking chase, as you can hear I have other shit going on.
6. If you are in a super loud place don't call me just to shoot the shit, I can't hear you and you can't hear me so why are we on the phone.
7. If you are in a public place that is generally quiet don't carry on a personal phone conversation for everyone to hear. I can't turn my sense of hearing off and you would think it was rude if I take your phone out of your hand and stomp on it so lets just avoid the situation.
8. Don't put a song for a ringtone that you wouldn't want anyone to hear, as funny as I find it for you to look embarrassed I really know deep down you are doing it because you think its funny and that sucks all the humor out of it for me!
These are all for now, I do reserve the right to edit or add to this list! Happy reading! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Acting Dumb...

Since I became I mother of a daughter I have been becoming more and more displeased with women acting dumber then they are. I understand that not everyone is bright... OK fine. I feel like as women who are generally looked down upon anyway we have a responsibility to always try to put our best foot forward. If you are around a man who needs you to act less intelligent then he is not a good man to be around. This being said I know that there are things that some people may know that you don't, I am totally fine with that. But don't drop your voice a couple of octaves and twirl your hair and pretend that you don't know that you shouldn't drive your car with a flat tire, or that 2+7=9. You are doing a major disservice to all women not just yourself. I don't know what made girls/women ever think that being unintelligent was a good quality. So here are a few friendly rules that I would appreciate if everyone would follow:
1. Please limit the use of the word "like" in your everyday language. Yes like is a great word to compare to things but it is not a filler and it really makes you seem ditzy.
2. be confident in what you say! You don't have to shove what you know down peoples throats but if your going to talk about something be knowledgeable about it.
3. Don't rely on someone else to tell you how something should be, form you own ideas and thought processes.
4. Finally be who you are, I find it impossible to believe that anyone is a total moron on the inside so don't be one on the outside!

Friday, April 6, 2012

How do I know you?

Two in two days? Woooo Hooo!!! Have you ever met someone that you know you have met before but have no clue where? This happens to me quite frequently and drives me mad until I remember how I know this person. I am currently still stewing over two people one I have know for almost 4 years and I know I met him before but neither of us know where from. Sometimes I think he is toying with me and really knows but its something embarrassing so he doesn't want to tell me, other times I think he just isn't as obsessive compulsive as I am! The second I met yesterday and I said you look very familiar to me. I apparently did not seem at all familiar to her. She began to ramble off ways that I may know her... Nope. This got me questioning how would someone know me? I am not generally outgoing. I don't join things! Are you defined by what you do? Its almost like a list of major accomplishments in ones life. If someone thought they knew me I would mention HS, my family members, my employers, and maybe friend groups. But this is also a lot of who I consider myself to be! I am a large reflection of who I surround myself with. So who are you think about how you would guess someone might have met you and then think if that might reflect who you are? Am I the only one?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Who am I?

Hello Any and All! Sorry I have been absent so long. I have not forgot about you and yes I still love you. I have come to the realization that I may not be who I thought I was.... This past week I have been told twice that I am a "lovely person very comfortable with new people." For those of you who may know me, as I suspect anyone who reads this is, this is not me. I am generally a wall flower, socially awkward, not a joiner, and I LIKE this about myself. I am 100% comfortable with the idea of who I thought I was but something changed and I am not sure when it happened. Maybe when I had my second little angel they did something to me, maybe I had a brain transplant. Perhaps they inserted some chip that secretes happy hormones... I am not sure, its a working theory! This change has helped me with my job promotion, I think! I am now floating around to different locations of my job. The old me would have totally freaked out, I don't do well in new environments, I like to know all the personal dynamics between people so I know where I stand. Know its not that I don't care but I just I don't feel like it matters. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME? If anone has any suggestions or happenes to see a chip under my skin please just let me know, this woman needs answers!