Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Good Tuesday bloggers I have a much happier note today to write about and it is my excitement over Eclipse. I will admit that I am a Fanatic when it comes to the Twilight movies and books. I just started reading them right before the first movie was released because I am a firm believer that the book is always better then the movie. But As far as Twilight is concerned I know many people believe me to be a late comer and only interested because of the hoopla that Hollywood has created. I am not that person though! I love all the characters so much and I feel like I am some lucky prop in the Cullen world. I almost stopped reading the books after Eclipse because I was so heart broken for Jacob I didn’t think I could make it though another devastating round of his heart break. I vividly remember lying on my couch reading the end of Eclipse and crying so hard I couldn’t even read anymore. (To this Brandon rolled his eyes and went to bed) I do not own any tee-shirts because I am after all almost 30 and at what point does a 28 year old woman look even remotely right in a tee shirt from the tween section? Never. I am going to see Eclipse tonight at midnight by myself and I am so freaking excited I could just burst I know its going to be amazing. So my dear blog readers have you lost all respect for me yet??

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I fucking hate people!

Sorry ahead of time if you don't like this blog but I do fucking hate people. People are mean and inconsiderate and think of themselves first. I get it survival of the fittest. The only question then is where does that leave relationships and love and family? Are they suppose to be the ones who care about you and always have you back? Or are they the ones who the stabbing you in the back when you think they are protecting your backside? I don't know anymore. I feel like all I want to do is be alone and not have anyone around me because then I know I cant get hurt. I don't disappoint myself, I don't put myself before others, I don't say that something is important and then throw it away like garbage. I don't do that. Plus why have those moments of happiness just to have them come back and bite you in the ass and make your whole life feel like a lie. Like you were the stupid ass that everyone knows is getting fucked and you just walk around with a big stupid fucking grin on your face! I am done with the grin I am done with the lies I am done looking and hoping for the best in people. So this is me signing off jaded as hell and okay with it!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Big brother is watching, and by big brother I mean me!

Happy Friday!!! Has anyone out there ever caught themselves staring at someone just watching them? Well I very frequently do. I love to watch people and I get so focused on doing so that forget to look away once in a while so I don’t look like a creeper. Some people are just so fun to watch, I love watching people who are fighting and doing it quietly so others don’t know they are arguing. People with their children are always funny because if you are close enough to hear them they always some of the dumbest shit to keep their kids from being crazy and they usually listen. Suckers! I especially love watching people when they think they are getting away with something naughty. They get this look on their face like I am fucking the man right now and no one is even noticing. HAHAH I am! It’s just so much fun to stop and see things that other people miss. We are all loving some reality show or another right now and if we just took a minute to watch what was going around us we would have our own reality right in front of us. What better entertainment can you think of then people acting like complete asses right in front of you and not even noticing that you are watching them so they just keep going. So ladies and gentlemen I urge you to take part with me and just sit back and enjoy the show.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Good afternoon my bloggers last night while out with the girls and admittedly a little tipsy I devised a quite simple plan to live in the lost city of Atlantis. It would be perfect for me I could live in seclusion which I love! I would always be in water another deep love of mine. (So much so I sometimes just fill up the bathtub and float facedown for as long as I can just imagining I am a fish) Finally I would live a beautiful city made of gold and surrounded by fish and ocean life it would be amazing. So here is the plan: First I will become a vampire that way I no longer have to breathe. Next I will turn my family because obviously they will be coming with me. Then I will move to the ocean and search for Atlantis until I find it living on sharks and such (being a vegetarian vampire). Once I find Atlantis I will make the necessary repairs because it has of course been lost for many years so it will probably need some updating. Then I will retrieve my family and live out the rest of eternity surrounded by the water and the wonderful sea life. It would be amazing!! Now I just have to get BP to fix their fuck up so the ocean is still beautiful by the time I find a vampire to change me.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Older siblings... The rules

Hi blog followers I was chatting on facebook with my cousin and we were talking about our "perfect" older siblings. She has an older brother and I an older sister and they are both a hard act to follow if you catch my drift. Good grades? Check. Nice friends? Check. Do gooders? Check. Now I am not saying that my cousin and myself where hell on wheels but we did find our fair share of trouble to get into. So I decided to come up with a few rules for older sibling to abide by that way the ones following have it easier.
1. Do not get straight A's, it makes it impossible for those following to compete with that. Especially sense we all know that mom had extra time with you to teach you stuff because you were the first.
2. Break some of the rules now and then. Really its ok to come in late now and then. get caught smoking a cigarette. It will make my life so much easier.
3. Have at least 2 friends that the 'rents disapprove of. Because I sure as hell will and I don't like getting the eyes from them.
4. Have a messy room and "forget" about doing the dishes so when I do i don't get the well your sister/brother always did that without me telling them.
5. Have at least one boyfriend/girlfriend with a tattoo or abnormal piercing so when I bring home my boyfriend that has a full sleeve I don't have to hear dad lecture about how he will never be able to support a family looking like a freak.
So big sisters and brothers these are the rules, you must obey. This is the price for always getting the new toys, clothes, and basically being the favorite. Thanks for your compliance!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Me no speaka english

Happy Monday Bloggers! I am so freaking annoyed with people who cannot speak English. No I am not speaking about people who are vacationing or fresh off the boat but those who live and work here! Seriously why the hell would you not want to be able to communicate with the outside world? If I was going to a foreign country even for vacation I would learn at least a little of the language. But to live and work somewhere and not speak the language is completely unacceptable. Do not expect me to bend over backwards to try to understand you when you have been living here most if not all your life and you have chosen to stay ignorant about the simplest means of communication. I am not trying to offend anyone to be offensive but it is completely true. When you think about back in the 20's and 30's when people were migrating to the States and we really became a melting pot of culture all those people assimilated and became part of the American culture. Its is nice to know where you come from but it is more important to know where you are going and if the means staying in America then get on the wagon and learn to speak freaking English OK?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When you gotta go...

Today we are going to talk about bathrooms and Pia's do's and don’ts.
1. No matter how many time you have to flush you keep flushing till everything is gone! Period everything!
2. If at all possible avoid and sounds of relief that can be heard by others. No one needs to hear your “ahhs” or “O Lords” keep it to yourself.
3. For the sake of everything holy make sure the seat is clean before you leave. I personally do not understand how women get pee on the seat but if it does happen wipe it off.
4. Along with number 3 make sure there are no hairs from down there lingering. I mean if your bush is so out of control that you are shedding every time you sit there are other issues but at least make sure you are not leaving someone else to deal with your pubes.
5. If your child is accompanying you in the restroom it is your job as a parent to make sure they stay in your stall. Hands feet heads all parts are your responsibility because no one like to see parts of someone else in their space.
6. If in a public restroom with a friend please avoid having detailed personal conversations through the door. I don't want to hear about it.
7. Let someone know if the toilet paper is out. It takes two freaking seconds pay it forward people!
8. Make sure if there are wrappers being opened they end up in garbage. I don't care if it’s in the stall or the bathroom just get them in the trash.
9. If you must brush you hair in the public bathroom don’t leave your little bits of hair all over and in the sink. Its gross I don't know why but it is so clean it up.
Follow these and we will all be much happier!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

In my day!

Happy Sunday to my blog world. I was thinking about trying to get some playtime together with some other kids for Baylee because I am concerned that she doesn’t like playing with other kids. She prefers to only play with adults. Yes she is just two and for now an only child but I don't want her to be that kid in kindergarten who doesn’t know how to socialize with other kids. Anyway back to the matter at hand I was think how old would Baylee have to be before I would feel comfortable letting her walk to a friends house, or meet at the playground alone, hell even meet a friend at the mall? I watch SVU I know what can happen and I frequently check the sex offenders registry so I can memorize those sickos faces and make sure there is no-one hanging around my house. I am a paranoid parent fine. I was raised however to walk to my friends house to play, I would go in the woods and disappear for hours and hours just playing or walking around with a friend all when I was in grade school. If Baylee disappeared for hours in 3rd grade I think I would have a panic attack. I do not however want to scare her so much from the world that she is afraid to enjoy it because those were some of my favorite times growing up. So I am somewhere lost in the middle and I need guidance when is okay to let them out? How do I know that she will come home safe? How the hell did my mom do it with 4 of us... I guess things were just different in my day!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Facebook: Friend or Foe?

Good morning bloggers last night I was laying in bed thinking about facebook. Is facebook really worth it?? Yes all of the people who are on facebook are at least slightly narcissistic why else would we feel the need to keep everyone we know updated on our daily happening. But that aside do you think facebook is really a positive attribute to today’s society? If you think about it logically you are spending so much time online posting and reading and looking at people’s pictures when you could be out or on the phone with a true friend strengthening your relationship. My very best friend has trouble with facebook because she treats it like her everyday life; if she receives a friend request from someone she is not friends with (real friends outside of the world wide web) then she ignores or declines. One of the many reasons I love her so much she is a real friend through and through if I need her she is there and with or with out the WWW I know that we will always be there for each other. On another note I often feel that I have to edit what I am saying on facebook which totally defeats the purpose of posting what’s going on in your life. I feel like I need more defined options then just friend. Here are a few ideas that I have for "friend" classifications: overly friendly clients who stalk you online, bosses who you don’t want to see that your going to the zoo when you called off sick, family members who should know nothing about sex, drinking, or partying, odd high school friend who thinks that you 2 are BFF's, you get my point. But while doing all this editing in my head I feel like I then loose my voice and being dishonest because I am just putting up these vanilla posts that are void of any real interest which leads me back to where is the point. So I am turning to you bloggers what’s the answer facebook: friend or foe?

Friday, June 11, 2010


Happy Friday bloggers hope everyone is busy making plans to have a great weekend! Today I was contemplating on whether or not I am invisible. Some times I think I am! I am often stepped on (yes literally stepped on) by co-workers and Brandon and friends because they do not notice me there. I am not a graceful person I am always tripping I walk very hard yet people do not notice me there. I don’t get it! So sometimes I think to myself should I wear flashing lights should I put a beeper on me so that people can hear when I move? I am unclear how it is people miss me I am not small, I am not graceful, I do not make sudden movements like a skidish cat, so the only possibility left is that I must be invisible. I wonder then if I could rob a bank without anyone noticing. Maybe I will start small a candy bar to see how my powers work. I wonder if I could become a super hero? I probably shouldn’t steal if I am a super hero. O well maybe I will just be the girl version of Clark Kent and lead a boring life and just know that I could do anything because I am invisible... Well bloggers see you later...maybe??

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What makes a happy marriage?

Dear bloggers as some of you may know I am getting married in October. I am so looking forward to the big day but with the divorce rate it is these days and many of my friends and family divorced or unhappily married I cant help but wonder how we will make it work. I love my fiance and I know that we are both willing to fight the fights that needs to be faught and we are both getting to a place where we know to choose our battles but the number is still there 40 to 50% of american marriages end in divorce. How aweful is it to think that wont be us? Who will it be? One of our friends? I dont know one of our friends (who is in no rush to get married) even said dont worry I will get married when you are all on your second round of marriages. While some may think that is a harsh anaolgy it is also probably true. While some people fall victim to cheaters, others just the stress of everyday life tearing them apart, what is the defining facor? At my job we have a wonderful man who is in his 90's and speaks so highly of his wife of 70 some odd years saying that she is the best woman ever and they have had so little time together and he is so lucky. I want that he me and for Brandon and for Baylee! So people out there if you know the secret please let me in on it!! Thanks bunches Pia.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Consider Considering...

Dear World,
If you could all join me in taking a second to consider how what you do effect others we could all co-exist much more peacefully. Think about it every time you make a decision you affect others either directly or indirectly! When you speed past someone and cut them off you assume that you and what you are doing is more important then them, when you are late and keep someone waiting you then throw their whole daily schedule off and make them feel rushed and anxious. It would be so much easier if you just came out and said no I can’t make it for another 15 minutes they can plan their day accordingly. Simple things can make others lives so much more easy and yours too. I am not going to pretend that I always do this but I will say that I try to when someone speeds past me I just think well maybe they are running late. But then I get infuriated when someone pulls out in front of me and fails to hit the gas pedal. So like I said I am not perfect but if we all would consider others and how our actions affect them we could live in a much more peaceful loving place. So please just remember all to consider considering others in our daily actions!

Friday, June 4, 2010


I know it’s not nice to make generalizations but I really do not like a very large amount of old people. Also I did say in my very first blog that I often will put my foot in my mouth so if you are one of the old people I love just know this does not apply to you! Now on with the rant, why is it that all freaking old people expect me to be able to read their minds, fill out all of their paperwork, understand what they mean when the cant even verbalize what they want? Am I an asshole because I do not want to bend over backwards for someone who treats me like I am just some young "punk" that should move hell and earth to give them what they need? No I am not; I am just a 27 year old woman who does not need to bend of to please anyone especially a freaking stranger who is too lazy to take care of their own business. I don’t care if you forgot your bifocals, I don’t care if you had to stand in line for 3 minutes while I helped someone else, I don’t care if you use to do things this way, if I wanted your advice on a subject I would ask. So to all the old biddies of the world listen up I DO NOT NOT NOT CARE WHAT YOU WANT, THINK, OR DO! Just get your shit ready come do your business and don’t expect special treatment just because you are old.
Thanks Bunches

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

from babes mouths!

Good evening bloggers as a made it through today by just a hair I lay am laying in bed and thinking about all the silly things my girls say ( my 2 nieces and my daughter, all under 3). So in the immortal words of Carrie Bradshaw I could help but wonder... where do they get this. Marlee, ofen the ring leader of the girls, told GaGa that she could not play on the porch today because Roberto was out there. We no one named anything close to roberto and there is no character on TV that she watches with this name. Then later Baylee, my Zeena warrior princess, tells me that she has to poop. well sitting on the pot she gives a little push and says oooo mommy its heavy. It took everything in my not to die of laughter right there. How is it that before children can even express complete thoughts they say some of the funnies shit ever uttered? Seriously I just dont get it! So here is to the Roberto's and heavy poo poos you will always bring a smile to my face!!