Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Making a baby...

So have you ever known someone who thinks they have the most beautiful child ever? Yes! Of course you have all good parents think there own child is exceptionally beautiful. I personally think its because they love them so much. I know I think my daughter is exceptionally beautiful. All this being said I do have a problem with people who shove their kids down your throat. They wave them around in front of your face, the ask you to vote for them for every cute baby contest in the world, they give you pictures that you feel obligated to keep and hang on your fridge, they expect to ooo and ahhh of what an amazing thing you did making this little person. Well from this day on I am done. I don't generally like others peoples kids unless I find them extraordinary in some way. Some are more cute, some are smarter, I do have more of an attachment of they are a close friends or family members but I am not the person who loves all kids. Please, please do not expect me to tell you over and over how cute your kid is, if you have to ask it probably isn't. Sorry! It may be later in life. It may have a great personality. But I really just don't care about your kid. I don't expect you to care about mine either. I have had many strangers tell me how beautiful my own daughter is and how she should model yada yada but she isn't nice, she does what she wants and sometimes that is great and peachy and other times it includes a scowl and pissy attitude. I know who my kid is and I am proud of every little thing she does but I don't need a stranger to tell me how awesome she is, I KNOW! So I guess what I am saying is if you want someone to marvel at the fact that you made a baby I probably am not the best person to be around... :)

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  1. Pia, Pia, Pia - I used to be one of those people on occasion - usually xmas pic time - but yes every baby is beautiful and some people just need more reassurance - you know that feeling - best scene ever "Waitress" when she looks at her baby and the rest of the world can go to hell - she would not notice. Be kind, be nice, set boundaries - but every momma is in wonder of the beautiful child she carried/adopted and nurtured through this harsh world - I love u baby xoxo