Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I think its happened I have become a mom

Today I took a break only so I could go to the dollar store and get my 2 year old daughter a fake baby bottle for her Baby Go-Go. (She named her) She was trying to use Brandon's mini glass cleaner for a bottle but I a have a suspicion that she would put that in her own mouth so I nixed that pretty quick! However I remember when I was pre-child I would think women who I worked with were crazy for getting their kids every little thing they wanted however I do it all the time. If she isn't hurting someone else or herself then what does it matter. Is this how spoiled rich kids are raised? Today I only spent $1.50, no big deal but in 4 years when she is in grade school will I be running out to get a new shirt that she wants for $45? I wonder sometimes where I will draw the line or if I will be able to. I have no doubt Brandon will know where the line is but what if I avoid telling him just because I know he will say no. I can totally see myself doing that. So I am taking comments am I normal or am I going to turn my perfect little angel into a spoiled brat that thinks everything should be handed to her. Could you say no to that face? 

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  1. Your a good momma - and your looking at the wrong person when -no - is concerned. She needs lots of yes's and spoiling :) She has graced you with her presence - pay up - hahahaha
    Love u baby!!!!