Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Groceries... I am confused

So my love almost always leaves the grocery shopping to me. Which is totally fine because I actually like doing it. However he often tells me not to buy a bunch of "crap" food such as chips and random junk food but when I don't he complains that there is nothing "easy" in the house to eat. He will eat fruit if I buy it but not as snack food only to pack for lunches and it often spoils before it all gets eaten. So I wonder what is something snacks-ish that I can but that he will actually want to snack on? The man sometimes is like a hoover almost every time he walks into his moms he instantly walks to the kitchen and grabs a handful of chips and a little debbie brownie. How can I keep food in the house that he wants to eat but will not inhale within 2 days of me going grocery shopping. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

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