Thursday, December 16, 2010


Happy Thursday blog world I thought I would share with you my little adventure from last night. I had to work till close with two of my co-workers so I volunteered to go start everyones cars so they would be nice and warm. I come back in we close up shop and start to head out... then neither of my co workers cars will open. They are sitting parked in the lot running and we are standing outside freezing our asses off. we are trying everything we can thing of looking like fools. So we decide to drive to one of the girls houses who lives close and get her spare set and the other girl has her brother bring her spare set. We get back and the key does nothing. again we are standing outside in the cold looking like dumb asses. The brother arrives and we get one car open. Okay 2 down one to go. So the damn Ford is the only thing standing between me (Did I mention that I was in a dress?) and the warmth of home. We try the trunk again, please open please open, and with a little persuasion it pops. Yes! So I slide right in that sucker trying to figure out hope to lay the seats down and praying that my co workers don't find this the perfect time to play a joke on me and lock me in the trunk. I my pushing and pulling kicking and scrapping and finally I find the latch. YES! I hit the latch lay down both seats and finally we are free. I a outta there like a bat outta hell and ready to get home to my warm bed and I think to myself is this how Cat woman felt after a long fight? Tired and ready to get outta the cold.

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