Friday, December 10, 2010


I usually love, love, love the holidays all the way up until the planning comes. Every year I get so excited for Christmas and spending time with all my loved ones and then it comes time to split time up and my stress levels go through the roof. I hate splitting time; I wish I could just clone myself for two days and be able to experience it all and then my clone self join back together Christmas night so I can dwell on all my fond memories. I love all my family so much and I never want to leave no matter where we are yet I am always forced to tear myself away. I can understand why people loose the holiday spirit because when you start putting times constraints on quality time and watching the clock feeling the pressure that you have to rush you loose the holiday spirit. Each holiday experience offers its own unique joys though so I could never miss one. It makes me sad as the holidays draw closer that this is what the holidays become. Any thoughts or solutions??

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