Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Open lines of communication

How is it that no matter what I get in some sort of argument with Mr. Pia over one of us swearing that the other told us something that was never said. We talk all the time, we talk about almost everything that goes on in our daily lives even if the other doesn't really understand the work lingo the other is using yet for things that drive us up the wall like scheduling conflicts who is suppose to do what household chore or get milk from the store all is lost. We usually don't stay mad at each other for very long but I swear we need a stenographer in our house to mediate yes Mrs. Pia you did in fact tell Mr. Pia that at 7:15 pm while he watched TV and ignored you. Why is it that once you in a long term relationship with someone little things that they do just make you crazy? I love Mr. Pia, but really does he have to put the pots and pans in the sink even though he never does the dishes and I always ask him not to? I am sure I do things to make him crazy also but surely he does more things. What to do?

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