Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sorry for the failures to post recently I just have not been feeling the fire I guess. But now the fire is back and I am hoping it will be staying with me... So here it goes. Two nights ago I was watching TV with my husband I three times I say that I could go to Walmart at midnight and get "Call of Duty" as soon as its released and this just aggravated the shit outta me. There are many things that I do not like about Walmart to begin with but this just pushed me over the edge. How can the powers that be in the Walmart corporation say its ok to go out and kill people, citizens, other troops, ect? This is ok to sell to young kids however letting them hear shit, fuck, and bitch is crossing the proverbial line? When did we reach this point that killing was acceptable to practice in our living rooms the same as guitar hero while simple free speech is being limited and censored? Do I agree that all children should be exposed to cursing? I don't know I guess that is for a parent to decide. But if you ask any decent American parent if they would want their child exposed to murder the answer would be no. So I wonder where things are heading when it comes to leadership, social influences, and when will parents notice what their kids are "playing?" I am open for argument on this one if anyone has any feedback but I just do not understand....

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