Friday, November 26, 2010


So this is the down low on sludge, I am sure by the end of this I will regret having my name in the title of my blog. Sludge is what we in the know have named tarish nasty wipe 15 times and still feel dirty poop. Its so gross you feel that like you should probably shower after but you would still feel dirty. Now there are ways to know you will probably have a sludge:
1. Eating a lot of popcorn.
2. Eating Mexican food with a lot of beans.
3. Eating a lot of dairy products.
Now these are just a items that bring on the sludge in in me. I have decided that if I could magically have cottonelle moist wipes delivered whenever sludge happens I would be eternally grateful to the powers that be. So to every person out there beware of when sludge hits!