Thursday, August 19, 2010

Katy Perry.. This is how I feel

So Katy Perry... I have to say I just don't get the mass appeal. I just don’t think she has any talent other then saying what she thinks people want to hear in her poorly performed song. Plus I have a deep hatred of people who fill parts of their songs with lalalalals because they cant think of lyrics to go fill in the chorus. I feel like Katy Perry is the stereotypical popular high school girl.

1. She is pretty; she has a good body and a decent rack.

2. She alludes to being bi-sexual which I fear is just a ploy to make men interested in. (Typical HS move!)

3. She is in highly public relationships back to back.

4. She makes statements about other people who are popular to try and draw attention back to herself.

I just don’t get it. I will admit her songs do occasionally get stuck in my head but so does the Dora the explorer song, hell anything that repeats itself. I just don’t understand the appeal of that type of person, maybe I am getting to old, maybe its because I was never in a "click" in high school and often steered away from the "popular" people. I just don’t like the ultra manipulative ways of people with really strong personalities I guess. So to those who LOVE LOVE LOVE Katy Perry I say listen to some real music. If you need suggestions let me know.

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