Saturday, August 21, 2010

Controlling your kids..

Can I just begin by saying that if you have a child who is over 8 and you have to yell at them to stay with you and not get into trouble then you have probably done something wrong. I am not saying that all children always behave properly but there are those repeated offenders. There just needs to be some point where you are able to go out to the store or a restaurant without them terrorizing the whole place and being completely destructive. Tell your kids no and reinforce it. You cannot just say no and then ignore what they are doing. Yes, YOU don’t have to clean up the mess but do you really want to be that person and everyone to not want to be around your kids? I know I personally love when people tell me how well behaved my daughter is being. Is she always like this? No. But when she isn’t we handle it immediately so we don’t create a disturbance or be rude. So please for the love of everything holy control your child and understand that it is not cute for them to trash things that don’t belong to them or you!

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