Monday, August 2, 2010

Showered in love!

Happy Monday bloggers! Yesterday afternoon I was showered in love at my wedding shower. The group was small but it was all love when me, my family and a few close friends gathered for lunch and punch. I received some really amazing gifts and was really touched how generous my loved ones can be. We were so luck to receive everything we needed and a lot of stuff that we just wanted. :) I started thinking how did the bridal shower tradition begin? It seems so logical that it should have always been but their is always a story and I thought I would share one with you that I found and thought was cute. It begins with a woman from a wealthy family falling in love with a poor man. Her father disapproved so he refused to give them her dowry so they could not afford to buy the thing they needed. So his family and friends all gave some small things to help the couple get started. I love stories with happy endings and that was certainly one! Hope everyone enjoys their week!


  1. Funny how poor families are always the ones who show the best love!

  2. Yes, you and Brandon are loved very much :)