Thursday, January 27, 2011


About once every three months I swear I am smelling poop everywhere. I smell poop on my dog. My house smells like poop. My arm smells like poop. My sweater smells like poop. My husbands chair smells like poop. My darling husband assures me that it is all in my head however I can't help but fear that poop is following me. Poop is right around the corner taunting my nose with it's putrid smell. Usually It starts out at home and then follows me everywhere I go. Am I the poop smell? Have a eaten something that makes ME smell like poop? Is there something out there that makes our pores emit the smell of poop. I don't know! I have been walking around with a bottle of febreeze spraying everything that smells like poop to me. (including the dog ) Would someone tell me if I smelled like poop? I want to say yes but then again they wouldn't want to hurt my feelings and how do you nicely tell someone they smell like poop? I am scared I don't want to smell like poop. HELP!


  1. haha P - yes it's you..... Not really I just so happened to stick a few hardboiled eggs tucked into corners of your closet, brandon's chair, under the seat of your car wrapped up in Bay's spring jacket - Don't worry you'll find them someday.

  2. No it really just smells like poop not it smells bad it smells like poop! Feces~