Sunday, January 23, 2011

Movie friends!!

I am so excited because I finally have a good movie friend! I have been serching for someone to share my love of good movies with. The good movies that you have to question and still leave you questioning. I have always loved movies that leave you are open to interpretation (true I like it when people intrepret it the same way I do) but I love the questioning. There are so few really good movies that truley leave you questioning what happens next? What happened in the movie? What did I just see? It takes and exceptional movie to really make you wonder to create that possiblity for you. Inception was the movie that started all this and like inception a good movie will just make a suggestion and leave you thinking of all the possibilties. If anyone else out there is a movie lover and wants to chat about really good movies you know where to find me :) I am also open to new suggestions!


  1. ok I will go watch it baby - will I like inception? I find the hardest thing is finding a new idea - movie, everything seems so reworked and unoriginal. Inception looks like "the game" on the previews - but maybe I'm wrong - I will watch it this next weekend :) love u <3

  2. I like it I think you will but you will have to watch it alone when you can give it all your attention. I haven't seen The Game I don't think but isn't like anything I have seen!