Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Buying as in like to buy...

Happy Tuesday bloggers I had a revelation last weekend I really wish I was working in the field for which I went to school. I went to school in Chicago, IL for Fashion Merchandising and I feel like the people who are out there doing my job have completely lost touch with who is buying the product. I know very well the first rule is you cannot buy for the store what you like personally. I know not everyone has my same taste but there is just nothing cute or appealing out there for kids and if there is the cut and proportions are completely out of wack. Tee-shirts are short and wide. Pants are either way too long and thin or too short and wide. It's as if people are saying there are only short fat kids or tall anorexics. Are there no normal sized clothing options? Not to mention I don't want my child to look like a clown or a skank. Call me fussy I know but I just don't. Make fashionable clothes for kids that are age appropriate. Coochie cutter shorts on a child still in diapers is not nice looking at all. What you end up with is a saggy diaper hanging out the side like a pair of balls. Who would want that for their child? Not me! So I have composed a list for buyers out there on what not to buy!
1. Anthing that is wider then it is long
2. Shorts that do not cover at least a diaper when a child is sitting which their legs open.
3. Shirts that look like they may belong to a clown.
4. Shirts that look like they may belong to a 60 year old woman.
5. Clothes that are a walking billboard. This one is personal, I don't want this for me either.
6. Triangle top bikini's for anyone under 13.
7. Heels for children. REALLY?
8. Make-up for toddlers.
9. Small print floral patters they are just not cute they ALL look old lady.
10. Finally pants with ruffles at the foot of them I know this is odd but it annoys me and it looks cheap.

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  1. Absolutely inspirational, and fun!
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)