Thursday, April 14, 2011

Other People's Kids

I DON'T LIKE OTHER PEOPLE'S KIDS! I know I am not suppose to say it out loud. I know that kids will be kids and some are more high maintenance then others. I know that my own daughter is a brat sometimes. All this being said I just cant stand them. They make my skin crawl I want to yell at them all to sit down and behave like people not animals. I know in my heart its not even their fault its probably their parents fault but why is it okay to say I don't like the parents if I cant also say I don't like the kids. They are manipulative, they whine, they get into things that they KNOW they shouldnt but they do it anyway. The scary part is kids love me. I dont know if its because they want to try to win me over or if they are pretending to like me to further agrivate me. Shouldn't they have some sort of internal sensor that says stay away DANGER DANGER this mean lady may break at any second and shake me to death. Is there something wrong with me? Do I have an emotional disorder that keeps me from seeing the cute cuddly side of children? I just dont know. I am open to suggestions but until then beware to all parents I cant be the only child hating parent out there!!

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  1. hahahha my Pia - I think we all feel like that sometimes - even me haha. You seem to be creatively blocked - that is why the kids acting like animals drives you crazy - time to paint, design, think about nothing and do. You can tune out the world - your stuck on hyper drive - relax my darling and thank God they are not yours - you can walk away, their parents can't :) I know it sounds crazy but blessing them actually helps you and them <3