Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cooking mmmmmmmmm How I love Thee!

I love to cook I really like to bake. I am not great at either but I love the possibility of what I could do. My father is a really good cook, no patience at all but he just knows the right things to put together to make something taste amazing. I find new recipe web pages that just show these amazing pictures and all I want to do is go into a cooking frenzy and make everything I see! The problem then becomes the cost I would love to experiment and make all this cool stuff (or at least attempt to) but who has the money to spend? Not this lady! I want to make cakes and casseroles and amazing goodness. So here is my idea I will make it of someone buys it. I think I am going to put pictures of recipes that I want to try on my facebook and see what family members or friends want to try and if they bring me the stuff I will make it for us to try together. Kinda the you buy I  fly method of cooking. What do you think people does this sound fair?

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