Friday, April 20, 2012

Acting Dumb...

Since I became I mother of a daughter I have been becoming more and more displeased with women acting dumber then they are. I understand that not everyone is bright... OK fine. I feel like as women who are generally looked down upon anyway we have a responsibility to always try to put our best foot forward. If you are around a man who needs you to act less intelligent then he is not a good man to be around. This being said I know that there are things that some people may know that you don't, I am totally fine with that. But don't drop your voice a couple of octaves and twirl your hair and pretend that you don't know that you shouldn't drive your car with a flat tire, or that 2+7=9. You are doing a major disservice to all women not just yourself. I don't know what made girls/women ever think that being unintelligent was a good quality. So here are a few friendly rules that I would appreciate if everyone would follow:
1. Please limit the use of the word "like" in your everyday language. Yes like is a great word to compare to things but it is not a filler and it really makes you seem ditzy.
2. be confident in what you say! You don't have to shove what you know down peoples throats but if your going to talk about something be knowledgeable about it.
3. Don't rely on someone else to tell you how something should be, form you own ideas and thought processes.
4. Finally be who you are, I find it impossible to believe that anyone is a total moron on the inside so don't be one on the outside!


  1. Need I point out this post starts with Sense instead of Since ;)

  2. Wouldn't it be nice to just twirl your hair - say gee could you do that for me and viola - it is done, perfectly - How much work is it to manipulate another to do your bidding? Yes it is easier to just be yourself and do it - change society on action at a time :)