Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Huston we have a problem!

Here it goes every mothers worse nightmare... my son has a drinking problem! There I said it, its out and maybe now I can get some help for him and me. My darling boy hits "the bottle hard!" At least 8 times a day and when he stops its still not enough for him. His eyes will be glazed over and his head rolling from side to side and you can tell he has had his fill but if offered he will still take more! Sometimes he drinks till he is literally sick, I cannot tell you how many times he has thrown up on me. Is this my fault have I failed him as a mother? Should I try to go cold turkey and take "the bottle" away? Should I stand up and say enough is enough? I wonder if we should have an intervention I don't know that it would help. What is a mother to do....
Here he is and you can see for yourself the results of his drinking problem

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  1. Jack was like that too and I have a feeling his little brother will be the same way. What I've heard it's just a boy thing. They are hungry little dudes.