Monday, April 30, 2012

The burger that started it all!

So here it is...Mr. Pia keeps nagging me that I make the same stuff all the time and wants me to try new stuff. So I found this recipe for a buffalo chicken burger. I got all the stuff for it including making home-made buffalo sauce, blue cheese cumbles, bacon and good buns. I made it for him (even tosted his danm buns) and made him a plate and brought it to him in the living room. I put extra sauce on it because I know he likes things extra saucey and I was waiting for him to try it so I could see how it was (ok I was a little proud and wanted him to say it was the best sandwich ever) and before he even tasted it he gets up and goes in the kitchen to get the bottle of ranch( there was already ranch on the sandwhich).
I got so pissed, I yelled at him "will you just try the fucking sandwich before you drown any flavor that it had out in ranch?"
He responded "whats you fucking problem, I like extra sauce to dip in"
I said "whats the point in me trying to make you new stuff when you cant even taste the difference because you drown everything in either ranch or a ketchup/mustard mix?"
So he didnt like my reaction and I am still pissed about it, it even killed our evening sex plans.... Am I being a crazy bitch? I am opening to hearing all points of views!

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