Thursday, July 29, 2010

I want my birthday!!

HELLO BLOGGERS! Sorry I have been absent for a few days I just haven’t had the itch to blog about anything fun lately. Today though it occurred to me that my birthday is 5 days away!! I am excited as much as i try not to be excited (because what almost 30 year old still gets excited for their birthday) I do! I love having birthday cake with my family, I love the surprise of opening presents, I love the whole day being about me. I know that sounds horrible but I am a kid at heart what can I say. I think nowadays so many people just feel like their birthday is just another day nothing special to celebrate, but that is not the case! People around you should join together to rejoice that you are in their lives and we should all do the same for those we love! As we get older all "celebrations" seem to loose the excitement but with my birthday approaching so fast I wanted to tell everyone not to let these moments pass, act like a kid, tear the paper off your gift, blow out your candles and CELEBRATE that you are here!!


  1. What do u have your eye on for your bday?

  2. I still get super jazzed about my birthday. I mean it's the only day of the year that celebrates JUST YOU! Enjoy it!