Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Pia Show....

So to quote Kanye "I forgot better shit then you ever thought of.." Sometimes I feel like that. I know this will probably sound so bad but I have such a mean thought process sometimes and I really have to watch what I say when I  am with certain people. However this weekend I had the chance to hang out with my very sweet friend Sam, while with I can usually say whatever I want when I am with her because she knows I don't mean things in a hurtful way I just call them like I see them. To this she exclaims excitedly you need your own TV show. How would my TV show go? Would I just go out and meet people and then report back to the camera on how I really felt. Or would I have people come to me with relatives or friends to tell them what assholes they are being because they are too scared to tell them themselves? I have a feeling a lot of people really wouldn't like me. But then again I don't really care. (This is the result of have a very great, fantastic, & amazing group of friends) My mom use to tell me that I could cut steel with my tongue, maybe that could somehow be worked into the title of new hit show. I wonder what network my show would broadcast on? Would you watch it?

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