Thursday, September 16, 2010

I think it's happening... I'm turning into a BRIDEZILLA

HELP!!!! I need help I don't know how to stop the monster it's taking over me and I need to know how to stop the transformation and reverse the damage that has been done. What is a girl to do when a monster takes over her body? Should I go see a doctor? "Hi I need to see the doctor as soon as possible I monster has taken over my soul, yes I can hold." Or a priest? "Hello father, can you schedule  me in for an exorcism sometimes on Saturday between 10 and 2 I have a wedding at 6 that I have to get ready for?" Are these acceptable phone calls to make? Would they then hang up and call the loony bin to come get me? Does the loony bin pick up? Is it wrong that I find it a welcome incarceration. Sit in a white room alone to relax. I would miss Bay and Brandon though and my family but maybe just a couple days a week instead of going to work I could go to the loony bin sit alone in a room and just relax. So please to anyone out there who is a high strung natural nut case please tell me how to not freak out on unsuspecting bystanders?

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