Monday, September 20, 2010

TV Cooking

Happy Monday AOP followers! I have a confession, I sometimes think I am an expert baker/cooker. I am not though, I try I get these ideas in my head that I CAN make that perfect cake in the magazine or really make a great Italian dinner just like Giada does. But alas I cannot usually. Something just doesn't work out like its suppose to. For example I decided it would be a great idea to try to make cake pops. I bought a book, I ready the troubleshooting, I gathered most of the necessary supplies. (I could not find lollipop sticks at Walmart so I made cake balls) So I get home and begin the process of making cake balls. These sound easy enough; bake a cake, crumble it up, mix with frosting, roll into balls and cover with candy coating. All goes well until I get to the candy coating. Its suppose to be simple its just suppose to be a dip and roll and smooth perfect cake coating. Well what I got was think hard to manage bumpy candy coating. While the mmm mmm good taste was there but the perfect flawless little pumpkin that I was trying to make just was not. I will be trying again just I need some tints how to thin my candy coating because I think that was my main problem.


  1. speak to the expert - your dada - they did taste good - by the way when u see joseph it's me - not sure why, probably someone elses link but I am signed in so let it be Joseph - LOL

  2. You can get lollipop sticks at Micheals. That's where I go!