Friday, May 14, 2010

MEN! WTF????

Good Morning Bloggers Pia just needs a moment to vent! About what you may ask, what most women bitch about men. I am not an overly attractive woman and I do not flirt nor am I a chatty person by nature yet in a normal day I have a 2-3 men who I know are in relationships who flirt or hit on me. SERIOUSLY? I see you come in with your wife or significant other yet when you are alone I magically forget that you have someone. I think not! I am not that kind of person I do not cheat and I would never encourage someone else to cheat. I have a ring on this finger because I love someone and apparently he liked it so much he put a ring on it so back up. Be nice, be cordial but don’t flirt with me. Not to be a bitch but even if I was single I wouldn’t be interested! So please men before you feel the need to make feeble attempt at being interesting stop and ask yourself are you really interesting? Probably not!

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  1. It's because you are smoking hot and your "I don't give a shit" attitude attracts people! Take it as a compliment and move on with it! Brandon is one lucky man!