Tuesday, May 25, 2010

money money money MON EY

Good afternoon bloggers I just wanted to share with you that I received a letter in the mail today to explain my social security benefits. This letter stated that if I needed to collect disability today then I would be able to collect $906 a month plus have free health care.. for real? I am currently making a little more then that each month however I do have to go to work and use up all my time and miss seeing my daughter grow up. This just seems crazy to me and I have a sneaking suspicion that this is why there are so many freaking people collecting disability that have self inflicted problems that they have no desire to get help for and they are just milking the system it makes me so mad. If you became an addict that is your fault I understand that you may need help getting though it but I don’t see that it is my responsibility to care for your problems. I am not saying that I want to collect SSI because I do not feel that I have paid my dues and I really don’t deserve it I can work and i can struggle and I can do what needs to be done to get by but I do not appreciate all those assholes who do not have my work ethic or a work ethic at all that are sitting back collecting the money that I am putting in for me!

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