Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hello bog world I went to lunch with my BFF today and found the inspiration for today’s post! As we were sitting eating chips and salsa two maybe 12 years olds walked past us wearing shorts that cover less then my underwear. Their mom walked out behind them and I almost got up and bitched slapped her. Really you let your daughters leave the house dressed like that? Fine you have 2 beautiful daughters that does not mean that you should let them walk around dressed like sluts. (unless you want them to be sluts) Fine I understand that when they get older they can wear what they want but at this young age why wouldn’t you want to encourage them to dress more appropriately. With all the perverts in the world I know that I would not want to draw their attention to my daughter. Children these days have so little time to be children and when we start dressing them in coochie cutters when they are infants, five, eight, even twelve do you really think that you are allowing them to be kids? The only reason for shorts that short and tight is to attract sexual attention and there is no fucking reason anyone in those age groups should be wearing shorts that short!
So bloggers I leave you on this note: If you have to shave your bikini line to wear shorts or would have to if your daughter is too young to shave maybe those shorts should not be for her. This is how Sue C's it!!!


  1. Heh. Try being in a classroom!

    I see more upper thigh/ass cheek than imaginable in a school. Cover it up, ladies!

  2. I bet I guess "ladies" would have to be defined!

  3. dang p - true that - but today's 12 yr olds need to be taught about self-respect with all the sexual media influences out there - like viki's - it is ok to be a bombshell - when ur bombshell age - until them have fun - life is short