Sunday, May 16, 2010


So world as we all know I love to curse! I really do I don’t know if its the taboo of it or that I just like the words. (For instance I like to use the word plethora in a plethora of ways) It is true though I like to cuss! Now for the real boom my favorite curse word is good old C-U-Next-Tuesday! I don’t find it offensive or mean I just use it in conversation like I would use any other adjective out there. I personally find it very offensive when people tell me to watch my mouth or not to say this or other "curse words." I am not cursing anyone I am just speaking. There are a lot of words that people use everyday that have bad, dirty, or negative connotations but most people still use them. Like the word moist or vagina these words can be used in a nasty way but really they are just words that people use. So I sign off today on this note: fuck shit cock damn bitch ass cunt dick douche crap.

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  1. hahahaaaaa - you are a silver tongue goddess :)