Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wedding Colors

As many of you know I am planning the most amazing wedding that will ever take place. JK. But any who I feel the need to express my hatred for certain wedding colors. These are those colors that you see take over high school proms, pageants, or little girls clothing. A wedding is a celebration but it should also be done with at least some class and elegance. These are on the list on unacceptable colors according to PIA: Hot Pink, Turquoise, Lime Green, all Black, or Orange. If you start to think of using any of these colors please stop and reconsider. Do you really want to be the trashy bride who makes her bridesmaids look like they should be in a prom catalogue? If they are the ones who are pushing this color tell them they can use it for their wedding because you are not trashy and they should already know this. These are the words I have to say heed them!

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