Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The sensitive man... Is this what we really want?

Hello blog world I have been wondering about something. We all see these sensitive men the "Adian's" I call them. Sweet and loving and they have feelings and want to hold your hand and run their fingers through your hair and tell you how beautiful you are. But is this really what we want women? Do you want a man who takes longer to get ready then you and wants to tell you how HE feels when you come home late? I sure as hell don’t! I want a man that will take out the garbage, mow the grass, all while keeping his feeling to himself. I don’t mean to be unkind and maybe its because of the way that I was raised but I have enough of my own feelings to wade through in this life I don’t want to have to deal with yours too. I don’t want to hear you cry about the small fight we got in. Apologize like a man in a sincere way and it will go much further then crying like a baby because that I will just walk away from and really be annoyed on the inside that you cried. When being a man you should always remember that you have balls and act accordingly so here are some rules to guide you:
1. No crying unless your child or direct family member dies. (Or maybe you DOG)
2. Garbage is your job no matter what.
3. Grass care and knowledge is yours… don't ask me to touch it.
4. If wife or girlfriend is scared of bugs you kill them or relocate if you are with me.
5. You must know how to drive a stick.
6. You are not allowed to be scared of snakes or creepy things like that.
7. You should have strong knowledge or automotive workings.
These are just a few basics I reserve the right to add at anytime. 


  1. Agree Agree Agree!!! And no dwelling on past heart breaks either!!!

  2. I think we want everything - yes someone to tell us how much we are loved and someone to slay the dragons - but a man being a girl, heck I am not even a girl - LOL does drive a person to drink - LOL