Monday, July 12, 2010

Fun minus the drama PLEASE!

Sorry it has been so long I had the stomach flu and it was very unkind to me. I did have a fantastic weekend though with of course a little drama. Brandon and I went to the sox game Saturday!! (Of course we won!) However we hit a little speed of drama at the end of the night and I just do not see why this is not avoidable. I understand that when people drink they are more likely to misunderstand things and also more likely to say something that they normally wouldn’t say all this I accept. What really makes me crazy though is when other people feel the need to but into a couples or two friend’s disagreement and use this time to voice their heart felt concerns about said relationship. Really? This is the best time to tell someone you don’t like their significant other? I don't think so, do what any sane person would do and look the other way and sip your drink. It is none of your business unless someone say hey Pia what do you think of this situation I keep my onions to myself (or blog) end of story. This happening on Saturday made a small argument into a huge one and it was totally unnecessary. So for the love of everything holy if someone isn’t getting hit or verbally abused just stay the fuck out of it no one asked for your opinion so keep out of it.

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