Friday, July 2, 2010

Wedding planner wanted!

Position Wanted:
Wedding planner

Ideal candidate will have planned at least 2 weddings before that went off without a hitch. Must have pictures and references of said events available for me to review.

Pay Scale:
I am willing to pay a whopping $20 to planner for time and effort!

Job Description:
Must take care of all things that I do not want to do myself and anticipate these things before I even know it must be done so I do not have to stress about it. You must always have everything done early and in a complete manner. I will also need you to set up the little things in the dining room before the wedding begins.

If you are interested in applying for this amazing opportunity please post resume to my blog! Thanks bunches ~Pia


  1. $20.00!!! I am in!!! pick me pick me.... but i have only planned one wedding... I have plenty of pictures!!! And my mom says I am psychic, so I can anticipate what you want... Call me for an interview!

  2. Wait - I have done 2 weddings - and they were great - let me help you - "help me to help you". The 20.00 is not the driving force - it is the love I have for you!!!!! Also - I am also psychic - it runs in our family :)

  3. Hmmm decisions decisions! Which one of you can get everything done ASAP?? :)

  4. nevermind...count me out...ASAP is not in my vocab!