Monday, July 26, 2010


Hello bloggers this weekend is my wedding shower and we are having a sit down lunch at a restaurant and I am so excited. However this does raise the RSVP problem. Do you assume that people who do not RSVP are not coming? Do you call and text people to see if they are coming? (This seems rude to me personally) Do you just guess who you think will be there and hope you guess right? I have no clue. I don’t know the correct etiquette when it comes to showers and wedding, I have never been married before. They should make a book of what to do when you get married what is allowed what is proper and every woman over 18 should have to read it. Even if you never plan on getting married then you also understand why it is so important to RSVP and what these crazy brides are going through. When I was younger I never understood why I needed to RSVP, I would just say if I am not working I will be there. If someone told me that now I would want to bitch slap them. How young and naive I was. I truly just didn’t understand the big deal until I had to plan something myself and deal with all this! So word to the naive out there RSVP-ing is very very important!

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