Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What makes a happy marriage?

Dear bloggers as some of you may know I am getting married in October. I am so looking forward to the big day but with the divorce rate it is these days and many of my friends and family divorced or unhappily married I cant help but wonder how we will make it work. I love my fiance and I know that we are both willing to fight the fights that needs to be faught and we are both getting to a place where we know to choose our battles but the number is still there 40 to 50% of american marriages end in divorce. How aweful is it to think that wont be us? Who will it be? One of our friends? I dont know one of our friends (who is in no rush to get married) even said dont worry I will get married when you are all on your second round of marriages. While some may think that is a harsh anaolgy it is also probably true. While some people fall victim to cheaters, others just the stress of everyday life tearing them apart, what is the defining facor? At my job we have a wonderful man who is in his 90's and speaks so highly of his wife of 70 some odd years saying that she is the best woman ever and they have had so little time together and he is so lucky. I want that he me and for Brandon and for Baylee! So people out there if you know the secret please let me in on it!! Thanks bunches Pia.

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