Friday, June 4, 2010


I know it’s not nice to make generalizations but I really do not like a very large amount of old people. Also I did say in my very first blog that I often will put my foot in my mouth so if you are one of the old people I love just know this does not apply to you! Now on with the rant, why is it that all freaking old people expect me to be able to read their minds, fill out all of their paperwork, understand what they mean when the cant even verbalize what they want? Am I an asshole because I do not want to bend over backwards for someone who treats me like I am just some young "punk" that should move hell and earth to give them what they need? No I am not; I am just a 27 year old woman who does not need to bend of to please anyone especially a freaking stranger who is too lazy to take care of their own business. I don’t care if you forgot your bifocals, I don’t care if you had to stand in line for 3 minutes while I helped someone else, I don’t care if you use to do things this way, if I wanted your advice on a subject I would ask. So to all the old biddies of the world listen up I DO NOT NOT NOT CARE WHAT YOU WANT, THINK, OR DO! Just get your shit ready come do your business and don’t expect special treatment just because you are old.
Thanks Bunches

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