Monday, June 21, 2010

Me no speaka english

Happy Monday Bloggers! I am so freaking annoyed with people who cannot speak English. No I am not speaking about people who are vacationing or fresh off the boat but those who live and work here! Seriously why the hell would you not want to be able to communicate with the outside world? If I was going to a foreign country even for vacation I would learn at least a little of the language. But to live and work somewhere and not speak the language is completely unacceptable. Do not expect me to bend over backwards to try to understand you when you have been living here most if not all your life and you have chosen to stay ignorant about the simplest means of communication. I am not trying to offend anyone to be offensive but it is completely true. When you think about back in the 20's and 30's when people were migrating to the States and we really became a melting pot of culture all those people assimilated and became part of the American culture. Its is nice to know where you come from but it is more important to know where you are going and if the means staying in America then get on the wagon and learn to speak freaking English OK?

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