Friday, June 11, 2010


Happy Friday bloggers hope everyone is busy making plans to have a great weekend! Today I was contemplating on whether or not I am invisible. Some times I think I am! I am often stepped on (yes literally stepped on) by co-workers and Brandon and friends because they do not notice me there. I am not a graceful person I am always tripping I walk very hard yet people do not notice me there. I don’t get it! So sometimes I think to myself should I wear flashing lights should I put a beeper on me so that people can hear when I move? I am unclear how it is people miss me I am not small, I am not graceful, I do not make sudden movements like a skidish cat, so the only possibility left is that I must be invisible. I wonder then if I could rob a bank without anyone noticing. Maybe I will start small a candy bar to see how my powers work. I wonder if I could become a super hero? I probably shouldn’t steal if I am a super hero. O well maybe I will just be the girl version of Clark Kent and lead a boring life and just know that I could do anything because I am invisible... Well bloggers see you later...maybe??

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