Tuesday, June 1, 2010

from babes mouths!

Good evening bloggers as a made it through today by just a hair I lay am laying in bed and thinking about all the silly things my girls say ( my 2 nieces and my daughter, all under 3). So in the immortal words of Carrie Bradshaw I could help but wonder... where do they get this. Marlee, ofen the ring leader of the girls, told GaGa that she could not play on the porch today because Roberto was out there. We no one named anything close to roberto and there is no character on TV that she watches with this name. Then later Baylee, my Zeena warrior princess, tells me that she has to poop. well sitting on the pot she gives a little push and says oooo mommy its heavy. It took everything in my not to die of laughter right there. How is it that before children can even express complete thoughts they say some of the funnies shit ever uttered? Seriously I just dont get it! So here is to the Roberto's and heavy poo poos you will always bring a smile to my face!!

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  1. Thank goodness for little girls :) Our babies are so connected - they have come to help us remember how connected we all are!!!!