Thursday, June 24, 2010


Good afternoon my bloggers last night while out with the girls and admittedly a little tipsy I devised a quite simple plan to live in the lost city of Atlantis. It would be perfect for me I could live in seclusion which I love! I would always be in water another deep love of mine. (So much so I sometimes just fill up the bathtub and float facedown for as long as I can just imagining I am a fish) Finally I would live a beautiful city made of gold and surrounded by fish and ocean life it would be amazing. So here is the plan: First I will become a vampire that way I no longer have to breathe. Next I will turn my family because obviously they will be coming with me. Then I will move to the ocean and search for Atlantis until I find it living on sharks and such (being a vegetarian vampire). Once I find Atlantis I will make the necessary repairs because it has of course been lost for many years so it will probably need some updating. Then I will retrieve my family and live out the rest of eternity surrounded by the water and the wonderful sea life. It would be amazing!! Now I just have to get BP to fix their fuck up so the ocean is still beautiful by the time I find a vampire to change me.

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  1. ok - Pia - You are a LEO Woman - Let's try Atlantis - Bahamas resort first. You are "my little mermaid" Check out Doreen in her mermaid swimsuit - on my facebook post :)