Sunday, June 13, 2010

In my day!

Happy Sunday to my blog world. I was thinking about trying to get some playtime together with some other kids for Baylee because I am concerned that she doesn’t like playing with other kids. She prefers to only play with adults. Yes she is just two and for now an only child but I don't want her to be that kid in kindergarten who doesn’t know how to socialize with other kids. Anyway back to the matter at hand I was think how old would Baylee have to be before I would feel comfortable letting her walk to a friends house, or meet at the playground alone, hell even meet a friend at the mall? I watch SVU I know what can happen and I frequently check the sex offenders registry so I can memorize those sickos faces and make sure there is no-one hanging around my house. I am a paranoid parent fine. I was raised however to walk to my friends house to play, I would go in the woods and disappear for hours and hours just playing or walking around with a friend all when I was in grade school. If Baylee disappeared for hours in 3rd grade I think I would have a panic attack. I do not however want to scare her so much from the world that she is afraid to enjoy it because those were some of my favorite times growing up. So I am somewhere lost in the middle and I need guidance when is okay to let them out? How do I know that she will come home safe? How the hell did my mom do it with 4 of us... I guess things were just different in my day!


  1. i totally think about that too! i remember somedays we would be out all day long trying to find whatever we were looking for and it would be dark before we checked in and most of the time we would just go home becasue we were hungery! and i think, how could our mothers be so irresponsible but we came out ok and and had great childhood memories with my bff. so i guess i will just quote our mothers and say "as long as they're home before the street lights come on"

  2. Pia Anne Squires - I knew you were safe, mommy radar - we are connected.... Love you - you are safer in the woods than on the road. Also you can be invisible - but I will always see you.